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Company Information

Who We Are

HSI Network, LLC offers a unique blend of econometric, management and finance expertise focused on delivering timely mission-critical information to all firms involved with the health care industry.  We have developed relationships with Fortune 50 firms, health insurers, biotechnology manufacturers, software developers, universities, and government agencies. 

The HSI Difference

Our operating philosophy is simple: We will only work with organizations where we can bring value to an organization by generating innovative and timely applied research to answer core business questions.  Our philosophy is based on the absolute truth that external relationships only provide long run returns if both organizations have something to gain by the partnership.  As a result, we are very selective in choosing to work for a client unless we are certain a long-term relationship of mutual benefit can be developed.

Our core business product constitutes creating information of strategic value from a wide array of different data sources.  We have an extensive knowledge of the core administrative databases used in the health care industry and are acknowledged as national experts among our peers. We manipulate data using innovative and technically efficient methods.  We are able to present our information in wide array of mediums ranging from scientific publication to interactive turn-key software applications.  Our technical resources permit us to handle years of Fortune 50 insurers’ administrative data concurrently with at least several States’ Medicaid claims and the 100% sample of the Medicare National Claims History File.  Using several remote sites and state of the art computer firewalls we are able to guarantee the security of highly sensitive health and management data.

HSI clients have direct access to high-level analysts and researchers. Each member of the HSI team has worked in the health care field with government agencies such as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), research universities such as Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, and health insurers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare.

The firm’s organizational structure is a network of accomplished academics specializing in economics, finance, management and accounting.  For each project we develop a team of experts using our personal relationships with experts in the health care industry from leading Universities and pair them with our core research staff to insure a high level of product quality.  Our network organization permits us to translate state of the art academic analyses for practical use in the business world.  The structure also permits us to be flexible and tailor a product for a client utilizing the best experts in the field to answer your core business question.

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Health Systems Innovation Network LLC
Wayzata MN 55391