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3-19-2010: Ten Year Impact on Health Reform Reconciliation Bill from 3-18-2010. learn more
1-08-2010: Impact on Family Premium and Levels of Uninsured: 2010-2019 Estimates of..... learn more


Health Systems Innovation Network LLC provides health economics analysis for proprietary uses as well as peer-reviewed publications. We are a network of influential academic and health care management executives providing discrete and public analysis based on terabytes of secure health care and financial services data. Our clients include insurers, employers, foundations, universities, government agencies and medical technology firms. We have expertise in the analysis of every identifiable health insurance claims data source including: Medicare, Medicaid, commercial individual as well as group insurance, federal health employee data, large firm human resources data, VA and Department of Defense data. We are the first non-insurer health economics consulting group to have completed mixed insurer and electronic medical record data analytics. We have one of the highest per capita publication track records in the industry and greater non-aligned access to policy makers than other firms with owners or investors considered conflicted in national and state health policy debates. What can we do for you?